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Astronaut & Robots Eco-Friendly Playset

PlayPress Astronauts Playset


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Astronaut & Robots Eco-Friendly Playset Astronaut & Robots Eco-Friendly Playset Astronaut & Robots Eco-Friendly Playset

Get set to jump into the future! Construct two astronauts and two robots, each with moving parts and characterful details. Play with them together as each piece connects and changes shape for all those faraway adventures, high up in space.

  • Varied creative play: All PlayPress sets can be switched up, adjusted and connected, so there’s no limits on imagination and every playtime is different.

  • Perfect for ages 4-10: Develop construction, problem solving and motor skills whilst exploring characters and storytelling.

  • Zero-waste and super-easy: Lightweight flatpack packaging makes it travel-friendly with no bulky plastic or complicated set-up.

  • Eco-conscious: Manufactured in the UK with Playboard, our compostable material made with wood pulp from sustainably-managed forests.



Pack size - 11cm x 11cm x 1.2cm

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