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We work hard to make our Playsets as much as possible for as many people as possible.

We love making playsets

Recently we’ve been working with some great brands creating really fun toys that generate value for these amazing institutions. Our offering ranges from the ‘white labelling’ of our existing products to making something special and completely unique.

Fine MotorSkills

Playpress is designed to help young people develop fine motor skills.

Eco-friendly Playtime

Children enjoy themselves without the family worrying about the imapct to the planet.

Imagination & Creativity

Our playsets encourage children to remix and make their own fun.

Storytelling & Vocabulary

Children can make up their own worlds using our playsets.

Down to the last millimetre


We obsess over the details, and work tirelessly with our manufacturers to push the boundaries of what is possible. Every piece is a reflection of the careful thought process.

The wheels go round and round

Designed for play

Playpress sets are not models - they’re designed to be played with. If there is a door, it will open. If there is a hinge, it will work.

Award-winning & eco-friendly

Playpress are buildable playsets for ages 4 and up, made right here in the UK.

About Playpress


We collaborate with brands that share our values - affordable fun that doesn't cost the planet.

Bespoke sets


Stocking our affordable and eco-friendly playsets could not be easier!

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